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  • CRCA steel strips D.D ( IS 513 ) grade 1.0 mm to 1.25 mm thick for radiator fins as per customer requirements.

  • CRCA steel strips D.D grade 2.0 mm thick for header pipes in 75 mm or 90 mm diameter as per customer requirement. Larger headers of 100 NB and 150 NB are also available as per customer requirements.

  • Accessories such as m.s square / round flanges, air vent, drain plug, lifting hooks, bracing straps are standard but can be supplied as per customer specific requirements.


    Our standard products are de-phosphated and de-greased prior to spray painting with two coats of zinc chromate red oxide primer to prevent corrosion. Finished painting is done by air spray using enamel / epoxy paint or as per customer specification. Sand / quartz / grit blasting as per customer requirement.

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